Ecommerce Express changelog Ecommerce Express changelog

Version 3.3.1 March 11 , 2017


Added : Aramex Integration

New logistics partners is added in shipping partners list with platform .

You can ship your products with Aramex -logistics

Version 3.3.0 March 7, 2017


Added : EBS Payment Gateway Integration

New payment gateway has been integrated in ecommmerce platform , you can provide one more payment options to your customers

Version 3.2.9 March 2, 2017


Added : Live Chat Support

Now , you can provide live chat support for your customer and your customers can easliy submit their issues

Version 3.2.8 February 27, 2017


Updated : Speed optimization's srore speed is optimized as we have worked on minify js , css and html etc

All images are optimized to reduce page sizes and loading time

Version 3.2.7 February 23, 2017


Added : Stripe Integration

Now, User can easily pay with single click with stripe

You can upgrade/ subscribe to plans

Version 3.2.6 February 20, 2017


Updated : Blog management

You can easily manage blog from your backoffice , seo friendly url for all blog links

You can approve comments to display on frontend

You can see comments listing for respective blog

Version 3.2.5 February 15, 2017


Added : Blog management

You can manage blogs for your website from backoffice

User can comment on your blogs and you can easily manage comments from your backoffice

Version 3.2.4 February 06, 2017


Added : Product Quick View

A new feature has been added for ecommerce store.

Version 3.2.3 January 30, 2017


Added : Flagship store - Products management

You can sell your products with our flagship store and you can easily manage your inventory from your ecommerce store.

Version 3.2.2 January 21, 2017


Added : Theme selection for your store

You can easily choose theme according to your needs from

Version 3.2.1 January 16, 2017


Added : Sell on Facebook with your Ecommerce.Express Store

Now , You can create and manage your facebook store with Ecommerce.Express Backoffice and increase your sale

Version 3.2.0 January 10, 2017


Upgraded Help Support System

We have upgraded our help support , you can submit your ticket and get guides to setup your store , quick links to your queries.

For more info, you may visit :

Version 3.1.9 December 30, 2016


Added : Automation for trial form

Added : Payment gateway integration according to store currency

Added : CCAvenue and Paypal integration for billing module

Added : Orders listing and order summary screen

Version 3.1.8 December 22, 2016


Added : Subscription plans listing in backoffice

Added : Payment summary screen for subscription plan purchase

Added : Store login integration from website without storeurl

Added : Buy from Website and upgrade plan feature

Version 3.1.7 December 14, 2016


Changes : Admin Panel Menu Display

Changes : Dashboard Panel Display

Changes : Optimize and light weighted storefronts

Version 3.1.6 December 8, 2016


Added :Push notification integration in admin panel

Added :Live support integration in admin panel

Added :Faq's and raise a ticket integration in admin panel

Version 3.1.5 December 2, 2016


Fixed : Commission percent calculation for vendors according to their category selection

Fixed : Coupon management and calculation according to vendors in checkout

Fixed : Filters according to vendors in Order Management

Fixed : Product Cloning feature in Vendor Panel with all attributes and images

Fixed : Website Promotions - add and listing validation in admin panel

Version 3.1.4 November 25,2016


*Added : Data Encryption Implementation

*Added : Contact form management in backend

*Added : Customizable Email Templates (Header and Footer)

*Added : Multi Currency

*Added : Import / Export third party

Version 3.1.3 November 12,2016


*Added : Category Discounts Module

*Added : Admin can create Flat discounts for categories and brand

*Added : Vendor can optin/ opt out to avail category discounts

*Added : Vendor can opt out from discounts any time (bydefault , they are optin)

*Added : Low inventory listing

*Added : Cart Abandonment module

Version 3.1.2 October 28,2016


*Fixed : Custom Attributes for Products

*Fixed : Compare feature

*Fixed : Multivendor logins and registration

*Fixed : Email Alerts

*Fixed : Coupon amount and total cart calculations

Version 3.1.1 October 3, 2016


*Updated : Cart Abandonment Mail Alerts

*Updates : Email Alerts to Admin/ Vendor

*Updates : Coupon generation for vendor and admin

*Updates : Low inventory updates as per order status and shipment

*Updates : logins - social logins and cart calculations issue with vendors panel

Version 3.1.0 September 14,2016


*Added : Payment Module in Multivendor

*Added : Vendor can raise payment against their orders to admin

*Added : Payment listing in admin panel (raised by vendors)

*Added : Admin can create coupon for their products and calculations will be done accordigly

Version 3.0.9 August 22,2016


*Added : Commision Chart as per categories

*Added : Coupon Management

*Added : Vendor can create coupon for their products

*Added : Cart total calculation as per Coupon

Version 3.0.8 July 11,2016


*Fixed : Multi Vendor - Order Calculation

*Fixed : Invoice format for Vendor and Admin

*Fixed : Email Notification on vendor approve

*Fixed : Product Approval Mails to vendor with reasons

*Fixed : Email Notification for Orders

*Fixed :Product Module Issues

*Fixed : Product listing with Vendor Information

Version 3.0.7 June 24,2016


*Added : Cart process with vendor products

*Added : Order Creation

*Added : Seperate order and invoice as per vendor's product

*Added : Complete order listing in admin panel

*Added : Order listing with their products in vendor panel

*Added : Email Notifications on order placement to vendor and admin

*Added : Order - Create invoice for vendor and admin

*Added : Generate separate invoice PDF for vendor and admin

*Added : Order status updates to customer from vendor and admin

Version 3.0.6 May 15,2016


Added: Multi Vendor Module Introduced

Added : Frontend user registration (steps process)

Added : Vendor listing In backend

Added : Vendor Registration process (with warehouse details, business details, bank details)

Added : Vendor's panel to complete their profile

Added : Email alerts to admin/ vendor on registration

Added : Vendor's information Verification by admin

Added : Cataloging and inventory module for vendor

Added : Product listing in Vendor and admin panel

Added : Filters in product listing (vendor name)

Added :Product- approve/disapprove as per QC by admin

Version 3.0.5 March 29,2016


*Added: Google Plus logins

*Added: Cart Updates after google logins

*Added: New customers registration with google login and update

*Added: Search module changes as per category and product tags in backend

Version 3.0.4 February 15,2016


*Added: Load More Pagination in category, brand and search page

*Added: Load More pagination changes with filters (options and price filter)

*Added: Adding tags in category, product and brands

*Added: Adding extra fields for product add/edit as per requiment and csv updates

Version 3.0.3 February 1,2016


*Added: Compare Feature

*Added: User can add product for comparison from product detail page

*Added: User can remove product from comparison list

*Added: Add ajax to dynamically change product in comparison list

Version 3.0.2 January 22,2016


*Added : Custom Attributes for Products

*Added : Custom attribute options for individual products in backend

*Added : Custom attributes display in product detail page

*Added : Modification in product csv to add/edit customer attributes

Version 3.0.1 January 11,2016


*Added: Cart Abandonment

*Added: Admin can see cart abandonment list in backend

*Added: Admin can export cart abandonment details in csv

Version 3.0.0 January 4,2016


*Added: Low Inventory Alerts

*Added: Automatic email to admin on login for low inventory

*Added: Admin can set minimum quantity for low inventory alerts

*Added: Automatically inactive products if there quantity is less than min mentioned quantity

*Added: Admin can see low inventory in their backends with product listing

Version 2.1.0 December 24,2015


*Fixed : Customer Testimonials Image Upload

*Fixed : Update product inventory on COD (instant order creation)

*Fixed : Update prodcut inventory on payment gateway response (In case on online payment)

Version 2.0.9 December 10,2015


*Fixed : CCAvenue Integration -Version Update

*Fixed : Changes in ccavenue post parameters

*Fixed : Changes in ccavenue response to update order status and email notification to customers

*Fixed : Inventory management as per order on basis on payment mode

Version 2.0.8 November 30,2015


*Change : Meta tags for Content Pages

*Change : Media mananger -Image listing

*Change : Order Shipment process in backend

*Change : Notify customer with order status change and shippment process

Version 2.0.7 November 18,2015


*Added: Media Manager

*Added: All resource listing for products and categories

*Added: Dynamic Image assigments to Product

*Added: Dynamic block content access to change blocks content in frontend

Version 2.0.6 October 30,2015


*Added: Logistics - Delhivery Apis integration

*Added: Dynamic AWB number creation with api call

*Added: Shipping lable, Packaging Slip as per Delhivery Format

*Added: Order Tracking Api integration in Frontend

Version 2.0.5 October 15, 2015


*Added : CCAvenue Integration

*Added : CCAvenue - Payment Option in Backend

*Added : Dynamic Form Implemetation In Frontend

*Added : Email Notification on Form Submit

*Added : Contact Form Information Listing in Backend

Version 2.0.4 September 30, 2015


*Added : Customer Testimonials Module in admin panel

*Added : Customer Testimonial Form in Frontend

*Added : Email Notification to customer on testimonial approval

*Added : Admin can add / change Email Templates (Header and Footer)

*Added : Form Manager (Admin can create form with dynamic fields)

Version 2.0.3 September 15,2016


*Fixed : Exports - Order - Product options

*Fixed : Price Calculations as per options

*Fixed : Show Filters according to categories

*Fixed : Price Filters (discount/special price) according to brand and categories

Version 2.0.2 September 8,2015


*Change: Add global options as per Categories and Brands

*Change: Show filters according to category and brand page

*Change: Show Price Filter according to category and brand with discount/special price

Version 2.0.1 August 25,2015


*Added: Product Filters - options and price filters

*Added: Mega menu implementation

*Added: Product Filters - show options according to assigned products

*Added: Storefront Menu according to N-level categories

Version 2.0.0 August 14,2015


*Added : Exports - Customers

*Added : Exports - Orders

*Added : Filters in customers (group wise , active , status)

*Added : Exports Customers (registered via socials like fb and google)

Version 1.1.9 July 30,2015


*Added: Global attributes for Options

*Added: Options Price for Products

*Added: Multiple options assigned to products

*Added: Global attiributes according to categories and manufacturer

Version 1.1.8 July 14,2015


*Fixed : Order Notifications to admin as per shipment status

*Fixed : Price per customer groups

*Fixed : Pricing issue in cart after login (as per customer groups)

Version 1.1.7 July 4,2015


*Added: Customer Group Pricing

*Added: Show different price as per customer group

*Added: Special price for products as per customer group

*Added: Reports : Coupon Usage, Sales , Popular search

Version 1.1.6 May 15,2015


*Added: Product - Featured, latest , Hot

*Added: Product Wise Discount

*Added: Product Special Price

*Added: Category /Brand - Marking Featured

*Added: Settings to enable/disable guest checkout

Version 1.1.5 April 16,2015


*Fixed - One page Checkout with guest and logged in users

*Fixed - Multiple shipping address

*Fixed - Multiple billing address

*Fixed - Prefilled value and address book updates

Version 1.1.4 March 30,2015


*Fixed - Social Logins

*Fixed - Coupon calculation

*Fixed - Coupon apply for guest or logged in users

*Fixed - Cart Calculation after Removing calculations

*Fixed - Multiple coupon apply

Version 1.1.3 March 16,2015


*Change : Category Wise Coupon

*Change : Coupon Implementation as per product categories

*Change : Coupon Calculation : Percentage or Fixed

Version 1.1.2 March 9, 2015


*Added : Brand listing and landing pages

*Added : Product Review Management

*Added : Admin approvals for Reviews

Version 1.1.1 March 2, 2015


*Added : Coupon Management

*Added : Coupons with start and end date

*Added : Limiting Coupons Usage Per User and No of Coupons per User

Version 1.1.0 February 23,2015


*Added: Social Login Integration

*Added: Facebook login

*Added: Cart process after Facebook login

Version 1.0.9 February 16,2015


*Added : Product Import/Exports

*Added : Product Exports - Category wise

*Added : Product Exports and update with same CSV

*Added : Image upload with products csv (dymamically images as per size settings)

*Added : Update product with Export csv and upload images

Version 1.0.8 February 06,2015


*Added :One Page Checkout

*Added :Shipping address and Billing address on single page

*Added : Payment and shipping method selection on single page

*Added : Address selection from address book (customers address)

Version 1.0.7 January 25,2015


Fixed : PayU Kit Integration - Version Upgrade Issues

Fixed : PayU Response Issues

Fixed : Bluedart Shipping and packing slip format issue

Fixed : Redirects issues after login (cart page and continue shopping etc)

Version 1.0.6 January 13,2015


*Added: Shipping Partner Apis Integration (Bluedart)

*Added: Generating Shipping label and Printing Invoice

*Added: Bluedart Integration steps as per bluedart documentation

*Added: Order Tracking Api and frontend integration

Version 1.0.5 December 23,2014


*Fixed : Guest Checkouts

*Fixed : Cart calculations issues with guest logins

*Fixed : Cart Counts Issues in guest checkout

*Fixed : Shipping and Billing address issues with Guest checkout and customer login

Version 1.0.4 December 9,2014


*Fixed : Customer Notifications for orders

*Fixed : Order Notifications for Admin

*Fixed : PayU status updates mail to customers

*Fixed : Order Status updates as per PayU response

Version 1.0.3 November 25,2014


*Added: PayU Money Payment Integration

*Added: Payment Method selection

*Added: Payment Gateway integration settings in backoffice

*Added: Admin can unable/disable payment methods and show selected methods

Version 1.0.2 November 12,2014


*Added: Shipping Module

*Added: Area Wise Shipping Module - Backend Module

*Added: Admin can change rates according to pincode for shipping

*Added: Shipping charges calculation as per pincode or shipping address

Version 1.0.0 October 3, 2014


*Added: Completed all the basic ecommerce features

*Added: COD Payment

*Added: Guest Checkout

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