Ecommerce Express changelog Ecommerce Express changelog

Version 3.4.0 May 13 , 2017


Added : Twitter cards meta tags implementation in Ecommerce Store

  • Twitter cards meta tags implementation

Version 3.3.9 May 08 , 2017


Updated : Seo Optimized Ecommerce Stores

Dynamic sitemap generation according to products , categories etc

Version 3.3.8 April 26 , 2017


Added : E-wallet - Beta version

It is a beta release (E-wallet).

With this feature , Customer can maintain wallet/money with their website account. They can easily transfer funds to their account.

To use their wallet money for orders/ purchase will be in next version

Version 3.3.7 April 13 , 2017


Added : Seo optimization

Now , all stores are seo optimized

Seo Optimization includes :

a.On page seo check list (meta tags , broken link checks , heading tags)

b.Canonical tag for uniqueness

c. Ecommerce Feed integration

Version 3.3.6 April 6 , 2017


Added : Coupons according to Order amount

Now, admin can create coupon according to cart total / order total with selection of specific category and product

Version 3.3.5 March 29 , 2017


Added : Voice Search

Now , user can search with voice in your search like google User will speak and store will show results according to their requirement.

Currently , this feature is working with google chrome browser only

Version 3.3.4 March 24 , 2017


Added : Advance theme customization - Beta version

It is a beta release (Advance theme customization).

With this feature , Admin can customize their store theme (frontend look and feel).

Frontend display would be manageble from backend like (fonts, color , buttons colors etc)

Version 3.3.3 March 18 , 2017


Added : Gift card / voucher functionality

Now , you can sell gift cards / vouchers with your store like other ecommerce websites.

User can purchase gift cards for special occasions and send to their special one .

Admin can create and manage Gift cards / Vouchers from backend

Version 3.3.2 March 15 , 2017


Added : Deal of the day

Now , you can display your selected products as "Deal of the day".

Special price can be apply for a limited time period.

You can manage deals from backend

Version 3.3.1 March 11 , 2017


Added : Aramex Integration

New logistics partners is added in shipping partners list with platform .

You can ship your products with Aramex -logistics

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